Ogden Canyon


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View looking north from the area of one of the caches.

Here are a couple of tracklogs from a short Geocache trip with both my Sportrak, and Legend. The tracklogs were set to auto normal on both units. As you can see, the Legend records considerably more detail, showing the switchback on the northern end of the trail, and some of my wanderings while in the area of the caches. Terrain kept my horizons fairly high for much of the hike, and I was in moderate tree cover (Scrub oak, pine and aspen) most of the time as well. Both receivers were carried optimally, and both maintained good reception in a fairly tough reception area. Navigation screen wise, I found the eTrex much more useful on this trip. The compass updated much quicker and tended to be more accurate. The Sportrak would update turns slowly, breaking my turns into little chunks which it would jump a little every second or so until it finally was showing my correct direction of travel. On this trip when I would stop, the distance to destination would drift for about 50 feet on the sportrak, which can be annoying until you get used to it.

The switchbacks

As you can see, I searched a great deal for the Westernmost cache, almost not finding it as it was hidden quite well on a fairly steep slope. The photo at the top of the page is taken from the ledge the cache was on.

The eTrex log shows good detail, and seems to mirror my travels quite well. On this trip I hand carried the Sportrak in the areas of the cache, using it to navigate me in, while the Legend stayed in the pouch on the strap of my pack. There were three separate caches. For the one in the middle, I had to dig through some brush, so I removed my pack and laid it on the ground resulting in the receiver loosing reception, and a break in the track with the normal misplaced waypoints when it re-located.

Here is the area of the switchbacks, which the Sportrak didn't log at all in the auto normal recording mode.

The sportrak track leaves out all of my wanderings in search of the cache, as well as the switchback at the start of the trail. I also find the track of the easternmost track to be interesting in that it should have matched my travels going both ways being as how it was along a trail, with the cache being within 30 feet of the trail.

Legend track overlaid on TOPO  243 Kb

Sportrak track overlaid on TOPO  244 Kb

Ogden Canyon tracklog for both receivers.